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The Keyless Defender chip

  • suitable for 95% car keys  (with battery CR2032, CR2025 or CR2450)
  • very low power consumption (1uA), usually increases battery lifetime
  • the surface coating of the chip assures higher resistance to mechanical and climatic conditions


Basic functions:

  • Disconnecting the key’s battery 3 minutes after the last movement of the key.
  • Reactivating the key immediately after detecting movement.
  • After the chip installation, the user can use the Keyless Go system without limitations.



  1. Remove the vehicle key battery according to the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer.
  2. Choose a suitable new battery, depending on the key type, see the photo on the cover of the packaging and slide on the chip, + pole of the battery on the chip part with electronics, see the photo.
  3. The correct operation is indicated by the red LED diode on the chip, which indicates the start and end of the movement, a maximum 1 minute after connecting to the battery.
  4. Insert the battery with the chip back into the key according to the photo on the packaging. Be careful not to damage the chip retaining strips and electronics.
  5. Close the key according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Test the chip function regularly, leave the key in the vehicle without movement f   for more than 3 minutes, then activate the ignition, the key will not be detected,   moving the key will activate the chip and it will be possible to use the key again in a standard manner.

Volkswagen, Škoda, Seat

KD02 + CR2025

VW Touareg (right on the picture above):
Use battery CR2025 instead of CR2032.

Volkswagen, Škoda, Seat

KD01 + CR2032